About The Editors

Managing Editor

Curtis: Curtis is an immortal being that lives outside our human perspective of space and time. He’s not always late, he’s always there, and always not there.

The Assistant Editors:

Heather: Heather is actually an undercover reporter for the New York Times looking into the greatest question of our time. Why did Hollywood think it was relatable that every movie character was a mid-level person at an ad agency in the mid-late 90s? But, she’s too far in at this point and her fellow reporters are worried about her.

Isis: Chosen by an ancient weapon that is spoken of only in stories and fables passed down from one generation to the next, Isis is this world’s last line of defense from the forces of darkness. She doesn’t let it get to her though. Her story began while she was studying English in her native village, Battle Creek, Michigan. She discovered her destiny while on a great journey, traveling far and wide, consuming any literature she could get her hands on—after a brief stint as a summer school teacher, winning medals in local and national writing competitions. Her skill was honed at the esteemed, magical university of Michigan State where she found her comrades in arms; The Offbeat Team. 

Jennifer: Remember that cartoon about the superhero who was going to save the planet from pollution? Well, Jennifer saw that and thought “I could do that without the help from a bunch of teenagers with the powers of the elements and heart, whatever that is. And everyone’s grammar will be correct too.”

Sydney : Sydney Wilson is a Junior at Michigan State University double-majoring in Professional & Public Writing and English, with a focus in Editing and Publishing. She loves everything about books, including making them, reading them, finding them, and yelling about them with her friends. She has loved her experiences working with The Offbeat, The Current, and the Cube, and hopes to continue to work with books for the rest of her life. She also hopes to have a dog and a garden, but for now a fish and a thousand houseplants will do.

Kai: Kai is on a mission. This mission, to find the single most ridiculous, outrageous, piece of fiction ever written in the English language. She figured that a publication called the Offbeat would be a good place to start, but that last batch of wasn’t that outrageous.

Laura: After five years on a deserted island Laura returned home to find her city in chaos. To combat this she turned to the skills she gained surviving on that island to bring justice back to her city. To do this though, she had to become someone else, something else…

Tristan: A senior professional writing student at MSU, Tristan is working toward being an editor at a science fiction or fantasy publisher so he can spend the rest of his life immersed in genre fiction. He spends his “free time” following movie news updates, reading comic books, and playing tabletop RPGs with his friends, because while he isn’t an adventuring hero in his day-to-day life, he is one in his heart.